Download Snooper Professional

Multi purpose sound activated recorder

Snooper is the leading professional sound activated recorder with advanced trigger and filter settings and high quality audio recordings. Now with AGC (Automatic Gain Control) and a built in SPL (sound pressure level) meter to document noise levels over time! Read more!

Sound activated recording trigger pulse

Sound/Voice activated recording

Recordings can be activated by detecting the incoming sound level. Records sounds before and after the trigger sound! Use stealth mode to hide Snooper from the taskbar and tray area.
Plugin manager with PGP and ZIP Plugins
Post process your recordings with automatic Zip-compression, encryption with PGP, email sending, upload to Dropbox or FTP-server, execute programs etc.

Real time noise suppression Noise suppression
Suppress unwanted signals according to a pre-recorded noise profile. This in combination with the AGC can capture sounds with very low amplitude. Advanced users can use the built in
frequency analyzer to help fine tune the setup with different filters.
Snooper dictation mode Dictation mode
Sound activated recording mode where all recordings are collected into a single file. Individual recordings can be located inside the file by timestamps.
Great for scanner and dictation recordings.
Example of a recorded file in the built-in player!

Snooper recording scheduler Recording scheduler
Snooper can be scheduled to start and stop recording at any time you set. Can also record on the fly for as long as you like without interruption.

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