MQTT messaging plugin

Use the MQTT plugin to publish various information of a Snooper Professional instance to an MQTT-broker and/or receive messages to control the state of the recorder.

Published default topics

Topics are editable so for a multi-channel setup a topic could be set like this: snpr/%channel%/status.


Topic for recorder status messages.
Status values: “Recording”, “Enabled”, “Disabled”, “Waiting”

JSON payload: {“status”:”<status>”}


Topic sent for all trigger values above set threshold.
Timestamp and sound level (-90db – 0dB) are sent in payload.

JSON payload: {“trg_timestamp”:”<timestamp>”, “trg_level”: “<level>”}


Topic for latest saved recording.

JSON payload: {“filename” : “<filename>”}


Topic for Snooper Professional recording engine heartbeat.
Heartbeat is sent every 5 second.

JSON payload: {“heartbeat_timestamp”:”<timestamp>”}


Topic for latest trigger time above threshold.

JSON payload: {“trg_timestamp”:”<timestamp>”}


Topic for Snooper Professional recorder setup, sent when recorder is enabled.

JSON payload: {“mode”:”<mode>”, “samplerate”:”<rate>”, “path”:”<recording path>”}

Subscribed topics


Send “enable” or “disable” to topic to control Snooper Professional recording state.


Enter address, port and optional credentials to an MQTT server to publish topics to.

MQTT setup

Android application example

Example using a third-party Android application on a mobile phone connecting to an MQTT-broker accessed by Snooper Professional.

MQTT dash example

MQTT dash example