Get your own rebranded version of the Snooper Professional software

We can build a standard custom version of the Snooper Professional application. This will get you a specialized version with your own logos in the front UI and in the about box, implemented in the Snooper Professional application.

Note: We will not do “white label” branding whereby the product name is changed, and/or reference to Snooper Software and associated copyrights are removed.

This is what we need for the logos and rebranding setup

  • The company name
  • Full URL to your web site[e.g.]
  • About box logo, max image of 110 x 50 pixels (bmp, jpg, png or ai), (light theme)
  • Main right front logo, exact image of 90 x 204 pixels (bmp, jpg, png or ai), (dark theme)

Please note

  • Copyright notice will not be removed.
  • The name of the application cannot be changed (UI title will change though).
  • We will not do any other customization of the software to allow for standard updates.
  • You will receive a rebranded Snooper Professional Windows installer.
  • Please allow for up to 1 week from the time the information and images are provided to us for the Snooper Professional application to be rebranded.


Please contact for pricing and additional information.