Comparison Snooper products

Number of channels1132
Sound activated recorder
System wide hotkeys
Recording scheduler
Stealth functionality
Auto delete old recordings
Execute external program
Frequency analyzer
Noise level logger
Automatic gain control
Manually send voice mail
Noise cancellation
MP3 and WAV support
Dual file format save
Plugin manager
Run as service
Sound editor
File encryption
FTP upload
FTP SSL support
FTP queued upload
Send mail with attachment
Send mail queued
Zip recording with password
PGP encrypt recording
Change of file attributes (encryption, hidden, readonly)
Dropbox upload
Queued network file copy
Secure file delete
Normalize recording volume
File rename function
Tone triggering
Remote monitor compatible
Active hours
Record left or right mono channel
FLAC audio encoding
Data integrity plugin
MQTT Messaging
Speech to text transcribing