Snooper Multi channel recorder

Snooper Multi Channel Recorder, a sophisticated audio recording solution designed to capture sound across multiple audio channels simultaneously, excellent for professional-grade audio projects.

Record multiple channels

This system boasts the capability to be configured for simultaneous recording on up to 32 channels using a single computer.

Powered by Snooper Professional

Each channel is powered by a Snooper Professional instance running in its own process that is started as a Windows service. This makes the system very flexible and extremely robust.

Having recordings made by several processes instead of a single process allows for increased reliability and flexibility, as it isolates each recording task, ensuring that an issue in one process doesn’t compromise the stability or quality of others, thus enhancing the overall robustness and efficiency of the recording system.

Flexible channel settings

Snooper’s multi-channel setup simplifies tailoring each recording task to specific needs: one channel can securely encrypt recordings using PGP, while another can be configured to automatically zip-compress daily recordings and upload them to Dropbox. This shows the system’s versatility and convenience in managing diverse recording requirements.

Snooper Channel Controller

All channels can be supervised and maintained by the Snooper Channel Controller application.

Multi channel controller software

Multi channel controller software GUI


  • Every channel has all the features of the Snooper Professional program.
  • Record up to 32 channels on one computer.
  • Search recordings by date and channel.
  • Configure each channel separately according to Snooper Pro settings.
  • Run each channel as a Windows service that will startup accordingly when rebooting.
  • Monitor of live audio from connected channels directly from the Snooper Channel Controller application.
  • Password protect vital functions of the Snooper Channel Controller.
  • Very robust, every channel is running in its own separate process.
  • Easily search, edit and manage recordings from within the Snooper Channel Controller application.
  • Possible for IT-departments to receive alert messages if error occurs or a channel goes down.

Download Snooper Multi Channel for a free session based trial!

Download version 3.4.9

System requirements

Windows 7/8 or Windows 10/11.
.NET Framework version 4.8.1
Windows compatible Sound card.
Internet connection for email, FTP, Dropbox etc.